Relocation Calendar

Coordinate every phase of your office move

Set realistic timetables.

This free and interactive Dallas Office Space for Lease Relocation Calendar makes it easier for you to plan and coordinate every phase of your office move. It allows you to create realistic timetables for each stage of your office move to ensure nothing gets left behind.

Simply input your target move date and the template will do all the rest for you. It really is that easy!

This resource calendar calculates the deadlines for all the key tasks involved before and during your office move including:

  • Preparation and pre-planning of the office move
  • The selection of offices
  • New office design & fit-out
  • Installation of IT & Telecom equipment
  • The office moving process

Every office move is unique, and each one will have different timescales; however, the Relocation Calendar enables you to identify all of the major “must-do” items involved in an office move and tells you when to do them. It also builds in the required amount of time for any slippage and/or more intricate contract negotiation. The timelines are calculated backwards from the date of your office move and are based on best practice.

And don’t forget that having Dallas Office Space for Lease on board in your lease negotiations and planning will not only help to manage your office move move efficiently—but it will also save you money and help to deliver your office move project on-time.