Data Center Office Space

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There are several issues to consider when determining what kind of office space you need to house your data center possible.


Is it time to outsource your data center?

Many companies these days are experiencing cost savings by outsourcing all of their data center needs. Many companies are finding that their telecommunications needs are cheaper and more convenient by using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). This however can increase your office need for bandwidth.

If your company operates in the cloud, how do you keep this in mind as you seek office space? The first question you must answer relates to bandwidth. How much data will your company be downloading and uploading? Will the office spaces that you are considering provide that bandwidth? Slow internet speeds are frustrating and wastes employees time they could be using to get more done. Is the property fed by fiber optics or is their fiber near by? Fiber to the building may be fine but getting it to a demarcation in your space may be expensive if it isn’t already there.

If the fiber is in the street, it may as well be a thousand miles away if you cannot get tapped into it. Finally, how many service providers are there offering data services to the property? If there is just one, you may be paying a premium due to lack of competition. Understanding your companies need for data today and in the future will play a large part in ensuring the success of your company.

On-site data centers do provide more control.

Many medium- to large-size companies have found that housing their own data on their own in-house servers gives them the kind of flexibility, control, and reliability critical to their operation. Dallas Office Space for Lease recognizes these needs and will help you seek out those office solutions best suited to service the needs of these companies.

During the office search process, we will evaluate each potential space keeping your data center requirements in mind.

    • Does the property have a back-up generator
    • what is it capacity
    • how was it designed to be used
    • is there additional capacity to serve our needs in the event of a power outage?
    • Will the landlord allow us to add a generator of our own and are there any landlord dollars available to make the deal?

Data centers generate a large amount of heat. How does the landlord feel about your company using existing HVAC resources to handle the heat load? Will the landlord allow you to put in supplemental HVAC and what is the best way? How is the property powered? Some properties receive only one feed for electricity and in the event of a storm the building could lose power without notice. Where possible landlords will provide redundant power to the building from two different directions. If the power from one leg goes down, the property will continue to operate seamlessly off the other leg. The best scenario would be to see redundant power from two different sub-stations. If one of the sub-stations goes off-line you the other sub-station will continue to provide uninterrupted power.

Frequently when researching facilities for your company we find second generation space that has an existing data center where much of the infrastructure has been left behind. We can help you evaluate that opportunity and understand how to evaluate its benefit to the overall economics of your lease transaction.

We know that you have probably already thought about many of these important details, but Dallas Office Space for Lease can help ensure that nothing is forgotten.


data center office space

During the office search process, we will evaluate each potential space keeping your data center requirements in mind.

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