Tenant Representation

What is tenant representation?

Tenant representation is a service provided by a commercial real estate professional who looks out for the interests of the tenant. A landlord representative is excellent in negotiating leases that are advantageous for the landlord…not the tenant. Landlord representatives job is to negotiate a lease that is landlord friendly. Their goal is to maximize the rental rate and return on investment of the landlord.

Dallas Office Space For Lease tenant representation services “even the playing field” and ensure that you obtain the most favorable lease terms possible. Effective tenant representation means using landlords against each other to compete for you as a tenant. A good tenant representative will present your company in the best light, making your business attractive to landlords. In addition, by negotiating on your behalf, often we can be the bad cop. We can make the strong statements that may need to be made to prevent you the tenant from being taken advantage of. When we play hard ball your relationship remains good with the landlord after the lease is completed.

Dallas Office Space For Lease tenant representative professionals help facilitate all phases of the lease renewal or lease relocation process.

FREE Tenant Representation

Dallas Office Space For Lease specializes in tenant representative services. We are dedicated to ensuring that the needs of our clients are adequately addressed prior to the signing of any new lease. We have hundreds of satisfied clients leasing office space in the Dallas area.

Over our 25 years, Dallas Office Space for lease has served hundreds of satisfied clients. We have developed a systematic process consistently generates below market lease terms. This process uses the market against itself to your benefit. We know how to make the landlords want your deal. When they realize that they are competing against each other for your business you win.

As tenant representation specialists, we have a large array of tools we use to provide a comprehensive, full-service solution for all our clients in the Dallas area. Whether you need assistance with lease negotiations for a new office space, or you require reliable movers to transport your equipment to a new location, Dallas Office Space For Lease is here for you.

Our duty as tenant representatives is to ensure that you obtain the most favorable terms possible on your companies lease. The landlord will certainly have representatives who are skilled in negotiating leases that are advantageous for them. It’s wise to make sure you have equally experienced negotiators working for you.

We also ensure that you are getting the best rates and agreeing to reasonable terms when it comes to lease renewal. After you have used our services for leasing your new office space, you’ll definitely see the benefit in our lease renewal services. We have an understanding of the current market and can give you the leverage you need to get the best rate on your lease renewal.

Best of all our services are free to you. We do receive a fee for our services, however, those fees are paid by the landlord. Because every landlord pays us relatively the same fee, our motivations are to find the building and space that is most effective for you and your success. If you are only using a landlord representative to find space, often, you will only see the spaces they have in their landlord portfolio because they look good if they lease up their properties for their owners.

Dallas Office Space for Lease wants your business and we are willing to earn it. Call us so we can discuss your needs. Let us show you how we can help save you thousands of dollars and have peace of mind knowing that you got the best deal the market would allow.

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Dallas Office Space For Lease tenant representation services “even the playing field” and ensure that you obtain the most favorable lease terms possible.